During the period of its activity, the application of modern machinery and equipment in order to improve production processes and product quality has been one of the main priorities of the company. “EL METAL PLUS” CJSC closely cooperates with companies from Turkey, Georgia, Ukraine, Italy, Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and a number of European countries. A number of leading local companies are regular customers of the plant.

A500c – F10, L=12 B500c - F10, L=12

A500c – F12, L=12 B500c - F12, L=12

A500c – F14, L=12 B500c - F14, L=12

A500c – F16, L=12 B500c - F16, L=12

A500c – F18, L=12 B500c - F18, L=12

A500c – F20, L=12 B500c - F20, L=12

A500c – F22, L=12 B500c - F22, L=12

A500c – F25, L=12 B500c - F25, L=12

A500c – F28, L=12 B500c - F28, L=12

A500c – F32, L=12 B500c - F32, L=12

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(+994 51) 232-44-39

Baku city, Garadagh district,
Gobustan settlement,
Salyan highway, AZ1080